I am available for one lecture, half-day seminars (2 lectures), full-day seminars (4 lectures), and workshops that offer a hands-on interactive learning experience. Please see my list of lectures below, many of which can be fine-tuned for your event. New lectures can be developed upon request.

1-Hour Lectures available:
1-hour lectures include a PowerPoint presentation, a 15-minute question and answer period, and handouts.

  • Creating a Research Plan: You Must Stop Researching First!
  • Newspapers and Timelines: Mastering This Combination Can Expose Unanticipated Records
  • My Grandchildren Aren’t Interested in Their Ancestors: Ideas for Competing With Videos & Superheroes
  • Writing a Family Narrative Your Family Will Want to Read
  • Why Can’t You Find Women In Local, County, State, and  Federal Records?: Are You Searching Correctly?
  • A Quick Peek Into Military Records: The Colonial Wars to WWII
  • Beginning Your Search: The How and Where of Genealogical Research
  • Local Support Groups for Free: College, University, and Public Library Databases
  • Ancestral DNA – Getting Started
  • Interpreting the Handwriting: Alphabets, Abbreviations & Symbols
  • Using FamilySearch: How to Help Your Ancestors Rise to the Top
  • Sharecropping or Tenant Farming: The System and Its Records
  • Research in Washington DC: Where Do I Go & What Can I Find There?
  • Setting Yourself Up for Productive Genealogy Research
  • Hiring a Professional Genealogist: Why and How
  • How to Find Church Records: A Strategy
  • 1850-1940 Census Research: What Was The Enumerator Really Asking?
  • Using the Non-Populations Censuses: How Can They Help Find Your Ancestors
  • Getting Down And Dirty With Land Records
  • Just Scratching the Surface: Using Land Records

Luncheon Presentations:
Luncheon lectures are approximately 45-minutes long and include a PowerPoint presentation. They do not include handouts or a formal question-and-answer period; although, a few questions are always welcome.

  • Who Is Up Your Family Tree?
  • Did You Ask Before You Became Obsessed?

Recent Engagements:

  • NGS Family History Conference – 2017, 2016
  • Durham Family History Center Lecture Series – 2017, 2016
  • Lecturer for Duke University’s OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute, 2004 to present
  • Albemarle Genealogical Society
  • Triangle Jewish Genealogical Society
  • North Carolina Triangle TMG User Group
  • Moore County Genealogical Society
  • Jacksonville, FL, Genealogical Society

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