I specialize in research in Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Iowa and Missouri and have successfully done research in many of the other states, including those as distant as California and Maine. I visit regularly the repositories in many of these states as well as the National Archives in Washington, DC and the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

My hourly rate is competitive and includes all time engaged in research, analysis of records/data, consultation, telephone conversations, meetings, client communication and report preparation concerning the contracted research project. I will conduct meetings with you, via the phone or Skype, as we define the problem and determine which of my research services best suit you.

Please complete the “How Can I Help” you” form giving me an overview of what you would like help with. I will contact you as soon as possible for a free initial assessment of your family history research problem and additional details on my research services.

If you decide to use my services, I will provide a Letter of Agreement. This Letter of Agreement will contain an estimate of the cost and scope of your project. I will not commence work on your project until we have both signed the Letter of Agreement and any required deposit has been received.

Some of my specialty research services available:
• On-site research at necessary repositories, including but not limited to courthouse, state archives, and various libraries with genealogical collections.

• Land platting of your ancestor’s land from either a metes & bounds land survey or a public land survey. I will provide you graphic drawing of your ancestor’s land.

• Assistance with completion of lineage society application forms

• Contextual research to assist you in writing your family history narrative and filling in around the facts of your ancestor’s life.