Speaking Details

Presentation format:

  • All lectures have a 45-50 minute PowerPoint slide show.
  • I encourage audience participation.
  • 1-hour lectures have a 15-minute question & answer period at the end.
  • Lunch lectures allow for questions & answers at the conclusion of the lecture, as time permits.
  • I require breaks of 20-30 minutes between lectures, mine or other speakers, to setup for the next lecture.


  • Handout masters are provided for my 1-hour lectures. The handouts for 1-hour lectures are usually 4 pages long.
  • Lunch lectures do not have handouts.
  • I will give the event contact person a one-time permission, through our signed contract, to reproduce enough handouts for the registered attendees and estimated walk-in attendees. The handouts, as is the PowerPoint presentation, are copyrighted by me and may not be reproduced or distributed in any way except to event attendees as described under the contract.


  • I will send a contract to the event contact person once we have determined the date, time, location. number and type of lecture(s). The contract will be specific to the event.
  • Please do not begin event publicity naming me as the speaker until a contract has been signed.


  • Provided by the event organizers:
    • A lectern, table next to the lectern for my computer and other speaker materials, drinking water on the table and electrical power to the table and projector area.
    • Projection screen large enough for the room.
    • A microphone (lavaliere microphone, if possible), depending on the size of the room.
  • Provided by the speaker:
    • LCD projector unless the facility is equipped with an A/V system.
    • Laptop computer.

Event Promotions & Publicity:

  • I will provide the lecture(s) title, description, my photo, and biographical material for advertising upon receipt of a signed contract.
  • Any lecture(s) information (title, description, handouts, etc.) may not be published or advertised without my name.
  • I would like to review, before it is published in any manner, any advertising that includes my name or my lecture(s) information.
  • I would appreciate receiving a copy of any publicity (flyers, newspaper ads/articles, etc.) regarding my presentation(s) for my files.

Lecture Fees:

  • 1-hour lectures are $150 per lecture. Payment is due immediately after the last lecture.
  • Workshops are $250 for 3 hours and $300 for 4 hours. Payment is due at the end of the workshop.
  • The fee covers my time updating the presentation, handout masters and presenting the lecture. Payment is due immediately after the last lecture or the end of the workshop.

Transportation and Accommodations:

  • I will travel to locations within the US and internationally.
  • Travel and lodging expenses will be negotiated, if I have other nearby projects.
  • Hotel accommodations:
    • Event locations over ninety (90) miles, one way, from my office will require hotel accommodations in the event hotel for the night before the event, the night(s) of my lectures and the night following my last lecture.
    • I require a non-smoking room.
    • The event organizers will handle the reservation and the payment.
    • Home housing is not accepted for lodging accommodations.
  • Transportation:
    • I will make my own transportation arrangements to and from the event city and reserve the option of either flying or driving.
    • Flying will be by round-trip coach class, advance purchase from Raleigh, NC. The cost of the airline ticket will be billed to the sponsoring society at the time the ticket is purchased for immediate reimbursement.
    • If it is more economical and/or feasible to travel by automobile, the current IRS mileage rate will apply and be invoiced to the society. Payment is due on the day of the event.

Taping, Recording & Photographing:

  • Audio taping, video taping and/or photographing of the lecture presentation is not permitted without prior written agreement.
  • The presentation and its accompanying materials are copyrighted by me. They may not be reproduced or distributed in any form either print or electronic except for the permission described under “Handouts” above.