“Margo has an exceptional grasp of genealogy and, from years of research and working with both software & archives, she can explain how to do the job in a way that others get immediate benefit, plus learn valuable skills in research.  She keeps her classes and work groups enthused and productive.  If you’re seeking expert guidance, an experienced guide, or a mentor in this topical field, Margo is among the best you’ll find anywhere!” J.M.

“I attended two or three of your classes and found all worthwhile.  Your presentations were well organized and your knowledge of the subject was “above and beyond” as well as your willingness to help. I would highly recommend your classes to anyone interested in genealogy.” F. P.

“I was a student in your beginner class at OLLI and you were my first exposure to organized, professional research methodology.  What I remember most from your classes was the enthusiasm you generated and how each class was so much fun.  And you always had time before, during, and after class to answer questions.  So, I would advise a person who might have only a beginning interest in genealogy to sign up for your course.”  E. J.

“The OLLI director encouraged me to try Genealogy I, that the class had received great reviews, so I said that I would try it—no more commitment than that. I have always been family-oriented, but not interested in names and dates of ancestors. But after a class or two, I was hooked, and now five years later, I am still taking classes with Margo Fariss Brewer. Margo helps beginning genealogists to find, verify, and organize the information, but her strengths go far beyond the basics. Margo helps her students to better understand their ancestors within the context of the place and time period. The world opened up when I found out more about my great great grandfather, who deserted from the Confederate Army. More research led to the story of his last battle, when his well-respected field officer was mortally wounded, and the morale hit a major low. The more I know about my ancestors, the more I want to know, and Margo continues to provide new challenges, new ways to learn more.” S. P.